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I've actually used a few of these at my job. I hope to use some of these in the near future with .NET 6.
This week was very informative, thank you! I haven't heard about standard feature flags before, and the post about LINQ was surprising. DiagnosticListener might also come in handy some day.
Great concept coverage on articles!
Loved the article about The Operation Result Pattern, which I recommended to friends and colleagues, and made me migrate my Azure Function to .NET 6.

#482 – November 27, 2023

.NET Blazor

What exactly is Blazor and how does it enable C# to work in the browser? More interestingly, how does it compare to traditional JavaScript based SPA frameworks with which it aims to compete with?

Eliminate lags in getting data to dev and testing with realistic test data generated on demand (sponsor)

The Tonic test data platform provides teams with the tools and native integrations they need to transform sensitive production data into realistic test data that’s safe and easy to deploy across pre-production environments. Keep your environments fresh and in sync with quality test data to fix staging, catch bugs faster, and shorten your release cycles. Get a sandbox today. (Oh, and yes, it comes with a full API.)

Mastering Advanced C# Features for Peak Code Performance

C# has firmly established itself as a language of choice for many developers, especially when it comes to building high-performance applications. This article explores the advanced features of C# that are pivotal in optimizing code performance, combining insights from both a theoretical and practical standpoint.

C# Interceptors

Interceptors are a new feature in C# 12. They’re also an extremely interesting feature - they remind me a lot of Weavers. The idea there was very similar - you could write code that could be integrated into the IL, but interceptors have brought this forward, so that it changes the code that’s generated.

Exploring what is inside the ASP.NET Core cookies

ASP.NET Core issues several cookies, including authentication, antiforgery, and session cookies. This blog post will explore what these cookies contain and how they are protected.

A failed experiment with interceptors in C# 12 and .NET 8

In this post I describe how I tried (and failed) to add an interceptor to my NetEscapades.EnumExtensions NuGet package. The bad news is I didn't get it to work. The good news is that the experiment unearthed a bug in the Roslyn compiler.