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C# Digest#385


Low-Code DataGrids with Telerik UI for Blazor

Have you ever wanted to reduce the amount of code required to complete repetitive tasks? Explore the idea of using a data model to reduce the amount of user interface code that needs to be written by the enabling auto generation feature on the Telerik UI for Blazor data grid. Read more in the blog!

this week's favorite

Data consistency between microservices

In a system where many users are collaborating concurrently, it can be difficult to manage data consistency between microservices. Do you need consistency? Maybe, maybe not.

Hidden IDisposable issues

As an experienced .NET software engineer, whenever I am hired into a new team, I almost immediately get tasked to fix coding issues. I guess since I am dotNetDave and I wrote the only coding standards book for .NET! Out of all the millions of lines of code I have reviewed in the past 20 years of .NET, hands down the #1 issue are developers not properly disposing of objects that implement IDisposable. In some teams, it has taken me many months of hard work to fix these issues that will always lead to virtual memory leaks.

Cursor paging with Entity Framework Core and ASP.NET Core

When building APIs that return a non-trivial amount of data, we need to make design decisions based on our underlying database. For example, a developer may implement a specific endpoint in APIs that allows clients to return a window-based collection. As implementors of an API, we have the choice between page-based paging and cursor-based paging.

Chunk() in LINQ

Here's the next topic in our ongoing Bite-Sized .NET 6 series: the ability to split collections into groups of smaller collections using LINQ's Chunk() method.

Announcing .NET 6 release candidate 2

We are excited to release .NET 6 Release Candidate 2. It is the second of two “go live” release candidate releases that are supported in production. For the last couple months, the team has been focused exclusively on quality improvements.