Running the largest C newsletter gives me the joy of seeing what others like to read. Today, I want to share the most popular pieces from 2019. If you missed any of them I highly recommend catching up.

Grab yourself a cup of hot chocolate (or a cold one if you are down South) and dig into this amazing content over holidays.

Not one, but two most popular articles are by one author — Chris St Clair. Show me a developer who wouldn’t like to avoid making mistakes? And it’s always fun to add some new tools and tricks into your programming toolbox.

It’s not all Rails and Django in the web world. This article from Joe Petrakovich on ASP.NET MVC controllers confirms that web is right on your target and .NET is going strong there.

Simon dived into a classic and explains these 5 principles in a clear voice. And with nice code examples.

It’s not easy to get one’s head around any asynchronous code. That’s why Chris Pratt’s useful bag of tricks sparked your interest in the last year.

In the next one Ranjeet Singh shares a few tips that you might have already knew. Is there anyone here who knew all of them before reading the article?

Thomas Ardal is not your usual CEO, he’s down to the low-level and keeps himself technical. He gives back to the community and writes great articles. Best practices for exception handling was your favourite choice this year.

I told you to keep an eye on Michael Shpilt’s blog this year and sure enough he delivered. He wrote an amazing content that is a joy to read — 3 of his articles made it to top 10. That’s an enourmous feat for just one writer.

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