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#65 – August 31, 2015

this week's favorite

12 tips to increase the performance of ASP.NET application drastically – Part 2 segment heap sizes

The future of Unity

.Net Native, the code platform behind Universal Windows Apps, explained

Usage of into and let keyword in Query Expression C#

The Best C# and Data Batch Update Approach

Shortcut keys for Windows 10

Switchable Actor Behaviour in Akka.NET

C#6: Auto-property Initializers and Expression-Bodied Properties

A Day in the Life of Visual Studio Send a Smile Feedback

Announcing Great New SQL Database Capabilities in Azure

LINQPad.CodeAnalysis Is Now Part Of LINQPad

SQL Server 2016 Query Store Introduction

.NET Native – What it means for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) developers

How did “Have I been pwned?” perform on Azure? An Ashley Madison retrospective


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