Issues » #66

#66 – September 07, 2015

this week's favorite

Nullable comparisons are weird

Concurrent max value

How to Enable CORS in the ASP.NET Web API

Developing ASP.NET 5 Web Apps with Visual Studio Code

Beta release of C#6 support in .NET Reflector

C#6: Using Static Types and Extension Methods

SQL Server Column Store Index Performance

Announcing the Biggest VM Sizes Available in the Cloud

Thoughts on Yesterday's Issue Surrounding the GitHub for Visual Studio Extension

NuFetch – Nuget package with dependency downloader

Announcing TypeScript 1.6 Beta: React/JSX

How to determine odd and even numbers

Discussion: Local Functions

Perspex is Now in Alpha

MSBuild is going cross-platform with .NET Core!

Code Generation with Roslyn - Comparison of SyntaxFactory and CSharpParseTree


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