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How to run Linux and Bash on "Windows 10 Anniversary Update"

Replacing ViewModels with Asynchronous Functional Programming Styles

Common Multithreading Mistakes in C#; Part I

Story of Equality in .NET - Part 2

Use ASP.NET Core to cut the number of controllers in your web app

Notes from the ASP.NET Community Standup June 28th 2016

Designing for Intuitive Navigation

How the dotnet CLI tooling runs your code

Authenticating a user with LinkedIn in ASP.NET Core

.NET Backward Compatibility – Part 1

BitTorent in C#

The cost of the async state machine

C# and the Platform Invoke system

Understanding how SQL Server stores data in data files

Everything you need to know about loading a free Let's Encrypt certificate into an Azure website

Visual Studio Code June 2016 1.3

SemVer, MVP and finally, Material Design In XAML 2.0.

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