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Visual Studio Hidden Gems

Visual Studio is a powerful IDE with hundreds of productivity features to empower developers to do more, faster. I joined the Visual Studio team about a year ago, and here are some of the great things I’ve discovered. These are all in Visual Studio 2015, and some have been there for a few versions now so you’ll find them in previous versions of Visual Studio as well.

When Known .NET Bugs Bite You

The most interesting type of bugs do not occur during regression testing but when real people use the software. Things become nasty if it happens only after several hours of usage when sometimes the whole application freezes for minutes.

Announcing .NET Framework 4.6.2

Microsoft is excited to announce the availability of the .NET Framework 4.6.2! Many of the changes are based on your feedback, including those submitted on UserVoice and Connect.

akkadotnet/Wire: Binary serializer for POCO objects

A high performance polymorphic serializer for the .NET framework.

Fast Deep Copy by Expression Trees

Deep Copy is not implemented in C#, there is only function Object.MemberwiseClone() on each object and it creates just a shallow copy. This article brings code of a very fast deep copy function implemented by Expression Trees.

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