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C# Networking/UDP File Transfer

UDP is very different from TCP. We have to work with datagrams instead of streams & connections. It can be very fast (and unreliable), but there are many things that we have to do ourselves. Trying to think of a good (and interesting example), I decided upon building a simple file transfer application (over UDP) would be a nice place to start.

Digging into the CoreCLR: JIT Introduction

The .Net Just-In-Time compiler (or JIT for short) is one of those marvels you don't even realize is there, unless you have to smooth talk it to do your bidding.

How to Use React with Visual Studio and ASP.NET Web API

How to structure a Visual Studio solution that uses React for the front-end and ASP.NET Web API for the back-end. How to use webpack and npm together with Visual Studio. How to easily make your applications realtime with Pusher.

.NET thread-pool threads and CLR worker threads

How many threads are available in .NET thread pool? How long does the CLR take to create a new Non-thread-pool thread? How long does the CLR take to schedule a task on a thread-pool thread? How long does the CLR take to create a new thread-pool thread when it does not have enough thread available in the pool?

Avalonia Alpha 4

Avalonia is a cross platform .NET UI framework inspired by WPF, with XAML, data binding, lookless controls and much more. Avalonia is the only way to bring XAML-based applications to Windows, Mac and Linux (and we have experimental mobile support too!).