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Visual Studio “15” Preview 4

The highlight of this release is that nearly all of VS is running on the new setup engine, resulting in a smaller, faster and less impactful installation. The smallest install is less than 500 MB on disk (compared to 6GB in the previous release of Visual Studio).

Programmatically change Taskbar icon in WPF

Recently when I was working on one of my personal project in WPF. I added the ability to change themes for this WPF applications, but the difficulty that I faced was to change the Taskbar icon with respect to the theme.

When Big O Fools Ya

Big O notation is a great tool. It allows one to quickly make smart choices among various data structures and algorithms. But sometimes a casual Big O analysis can fool us if we don’t think carefully about the impact of constant factors. One such examples comes up very often when programming on modern CPUs, and that is when choosing between an Array, and a List, or Tree type structure.

Analysing Optimisations in the Wire Serialiser

Recently Roger Johansson wrote a post titled Wire – Writing one of the fastest .NET serializers, describing the optimisation that were implemented to make Wire as fast as possible.

What’s New in C# 7.0

C# 7.0 adds a number of new features and brings a focus on data consumption, code simplification and performance. Perhaps the biggest features are tuples, which make it easy to have multiple results, and pattern matching which simplifies code that is conditional on the shape of data.

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