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Tutorial: Using Entity Framework Core as an In-Memory Database for ASP.NET Core

One of the most exciting features in the new version of Entity Framework (Entity Framework Core 1.0) is the addition of an in-memory data provider. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to set up the Entity Framework Core InMemory provider and use it to prototype a simple ASP.NET Core API.

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What’s new in Git for Windows 2.10?

Most importantly, Git for Windows v2.10.0 has been released. Download it here. Or look at its homepage. Let me take this opportunity to mention a couple of highlights.

Introducing Continuous Delivery to .NET

Continuous delivery is important today no matter what your stack. Learn here how to do it in the .Net world.

Analysing .NET Memory Dumps with CLR MD

If you’ve ever spent time debugging .NET memory dumps in WinDBG you will be familiar with the commands shown below, which aren’t always the most straight-forward to work with!

Excel Messenger: A Terrible Experiment In VBA

It was a slow day at work and another intern suggested finding a way to send messages discreetly between our computers on the local network.

Stopwatch under the hood

In this post, we will briefly talk about the Stopwatch class: Which kind of hardware timers could be a base for Stopwatch. High precision timestamp API on Windows and Linux. Latency and Resolution of Stopwatch in different environments. Common pitfalls: which kind of problems could we get trying to measure small time intervals.

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