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Painless Git

Straightforward, graphic GUI for your Git projects. Free Cross Platform App that works with Mac, Windows and Linux.

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Why using finalizers is a bad idea

Not so long ago we worked on a diagnostic rule related to the finalizer check. This provoked an argument on the details of the garbage collector work and the finalization of objects. Although we have been programming in C# for more than 5 years, we haven't achieved any consensus as regards this question, so I decided to study it more thoroughly.

Faster Visual Studio “15” Startup

Today, I’ll walk you through a set of investments we made to improve the Visual Studio startup experience in this latest release and specifically cover the following topics.

Parallel Test Execution

n early post on Parallel Test Execution drew attention to its subtle semantics. Three considerations directly contributed to that (1) Reach (2) Composability (3) Non-disruptive roll out.

Timing the time it takes to parse time

There are times when you write clean, easily to understand code, and there are times when you see 50% of your performance goes into DateTime parsing, at which point you’ll need to throw nice code out the window, put on some protective gear and seek out that performance hit that you need so much.

Random .NET fact: String.Join() throws a "fake" OutOfMemoryException

The implementation of String.Join internally calculates the expected output length. If the calculated length is greater than max int32 (~2 billion characters), it will throw an "OutOfMemoryException" even though the system is not out of memory at that time [1].

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