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Common Multithreading Mistakes in C#; Part II

In this series, I’m going to be elucidating some common errors C# programmers make when working with multithreaded systems. I’ll be exploring issues from a lower-level point-of-view, and not dabbling too much in higher-level abstractions and libraries (such as the TPL and similar); hopefully the points raised will be pertinent to anyone hoping to write concurrent or parallelized applications.

Native Compilation – Why JIT when you can CodeGen!

For 15 years, .NET apps are created with a compiler that emits intermediate code (IL). That IL is evaluated by a just-in-time compiler (JIT) that performs a native compilation of your application allowing it to run on the destination operating system that hosts the common language runtime (CLR).

Exploring ASP.NET Core with Docker in both Linux and Windows Containers

In May of last year doing things with ASP.NET and Docker was in its infancy. But cool stuff was afoot. I wrote a blog post showing how to publish an ASP.NET 5 (5 at the time, now Core 1.0) app to Docker. Later in December of 2015 new tools like Docker Toolbox and Kitematic made things even easier. In May of 2016 Docker for Windows Beta continued to move the ball forward nicely.

.NET on Linux – bye, Windows 10

I’ve eventually decided to start using the *NIX system for the software development. Being a Windows user and the .NET developer for many years now, it might seem like a radical change, but let me tell you this – it was a great decision and here is the explanation.

Getting started with Roslyn: transforming C# code

Getting started with Roslyn: transforming C# code Gabriele October 18, 2016Language Engineering TwitterRedditGoogle GmailLinkedInFacebookGoogle+Share Getting started with Roslyn The code for this post is on GitHub: getting-started-roslyn Under the hood Making a programming language actually useful is not simply about designing it well but it is also about providing supporting tools around the language: compilers, obviously, but also editors, build systems, etc.

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