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#291 – December 30, 2019


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Patterns for using Entity Framework in C# 8

C# 8 adds Nullable Reference Types, which warns us about problematic null values. If you’re upgrading to C# 8, you may run into a few challenges for Entity Framework. Although frustrating at first, the warnings can also be catalysts for finding more effective ways to communicate intent. Let’s walk through the upgrade and devise a few new EF patterns to adopt.

Lunar: A lightweight native DLL maping library

In short, it emulates almost everything the Windows loader (LoadLibrary / LdrLoadDll) does in a remote process, bar adding references to internal loader structures and a few other small things.

C# 8 Switch Expressions with Pattern Matching

Most .NET engineers are familiar with the original switch statement in C#. Like similar constructs in other object oriented languages, given an arbitrary expression, you can match its result to a case, and execute selected statements.

C# 8 is old news. Onward, to C# 9!

Now, to be fair, this has been in the planning phases long, LONG, before C# 8 shipped to us back in September 2019, as you can see from some of the discussion on the issues themselves. Most folks don’t follow the day-to-day planning of the language itself (myself included), but it’s interesting to peer into the discussions every now and then.

The best C# articles from 2019

Running the largest C# newsletter gives me the joy of seeing what others like to read. Today, I want to share the most popular pieces from 2019. If you missed any of them I highly recommend catching up.


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