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#292 – January 06, 2020


Cut Your Testing Time with My Tested ASP.NET

Developing with ASP.NET? Cut your testing time with My Tested ASP.NET! Write down your assertions in a matter of seconds and stop mocking the universe. Validate controllers, services, models, routes - everything but the kitchen sink. Includes built-in support for authentication, database, caching, session, configuration and more. Don’t waste any more time - START your fluent experience with My Tested ASP.NET NOW!

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Vertically Sliced Command Line Tools in C# and .NET Core 3.1

You may ask, “why a command line application?” And for those of you who didn’t ask, modern software applications could need some one-off (or regular) utilities that can take advantage of being close to the original source code, but be launched in an entirely separate security context from the main web application.

Memory Leak C#

In general, a memory leak is a process in which a program or application persistently retains a computer’s primary memory. It occurs when the resident memory program does not return or release allocated memory space, even after execution, resulting in slower or unresponsive system behavior.

Tracing .NET Core applications

In this article, we’ll look at different ways of collecting and inspecting events from the .NET Core runtime and base class library (BCL).

Deep dives in debugging: when it really isn’t your fault

An oft-repeated maxim in programming is “if you think it’s a compiler bug, it’s not a compiler bug”. For those of us working in managed languages, a corollary might be “if you think it’s a runtime bug, it’s not a runtime bug”. Time spent trying to pin blame on these widely-used tools presents a poor value proposition when so many things within your control are capable of going wrong. Sometimes, however, you’re faced with an issue that really makes you challenge this. We recently encountered such an issue and are excited to share the story, as well as the lessons we learned along the way.

Command Line Interface(CLI) Application with .NET Core

The command-line interface (CLI) might look old school, but it’s one of the most useful ways to work with applications. You can interact with them in the SSH connection.


C# Developers are in demand on Vettery

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