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How To Apply Sobel Operator To An Image

Well, basically it’s 2 kernels, with which we can process an image in a way, that only edges are visible. It is commonly used for grayscale images, from which an output is also a grayscale image. Two kernels are needed, for edge detection in horizontal and in vertical way.

Exploring ServiceStack's simple and fast web services on .NET Core

I've been doing .NET Open Source since the beginning. Trying to get patches into log4net was hard without things like GitHub and Twitter. We emailed .patch files around and hoped for the best. It was a good time.

Project.json made my life easier and it is not a joke

The history of the package management in .NET world is long and rather turbulent. Getting always the latest version for many years was just impossible.  If know NuGet history and structure, you can skip first few paragraphs up to Episode IV: A new hope. The solution description starts there. I hope you will find it useful.

Designing Fluent Interfaces in C#

The concept of Fluent Interface was coined by Martin Fowler to create various objects and wire them up together. This pattern is often used for object configuration and setup.

Testing SSL in ASP.NET Core

When building my ASP.NET Core apps, I usually enable the RequireSSL filter in production environments. But I’ve never went through getting it to work on my dev box as I thought it was harder than it actually was.

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