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GC Handles

A customer asked me about analyzing perf related to GC handles. I feel like aside from pinned handles in general handles are not talked about much so this topic warrants some explanation, especially since this is a user facing feature.

C# to C# Communication: REST, gRPC and everything in between

There are many ways to communicate between a C# client and a C# server. Some are robust, others not so much. Some are very fast, others aren’t. It’s important to know the different options so you can decide what’s best for you. This article will go through the most popular technologies today and why they got to be so widely used. We’ll talk about REST, gRPC, and everything in between.

Why Blazor, via WebAssembly, is the future

Since the web’s inception, much of our industry has spent effort to be on the web but to escape web technologies like JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Examples include Java Applets (1995–around 2013), Microsoft ActiveX (shipped with Internet Explorer 3.0 in 1996), Microsoft’s ASP.NET Web Forms (2002), JavaServer Faces (JSF), the Google Web Toolkit (2006), Microsoft Silverlight (2007) and numerous “compile-to-JavaScript” languages and transpilers.

The most dangerous constructor in .NET

You should never instantiate a X509Certificate2 with the “new” keyword if you can avoid it, it is one of the most dangerous constructors in .NET – X509Certificate2, and if you do, you must be aware of these gotchas. Doing this wrong can mean you flood your disk with one-time use files, that are never removed.

Understanding Dependency Injection in .NET Core

Dependency Injection is one of the most known techniques that help you to create more maintainable code. .NET Core provides you with extensive support to Dependency Injection, but it may not always be clear how to apply it. This tutorial will try to clarify the various Dependency Injection concepts and will introduce you to the support provided by .NET Core.


Python for .NET developers course

Learn Python with Talk Python's 9-hour Python for .NET developers course. It covers a wide spectrum of the developer landscape from the language, databases and ORMs, web frameworks, data science and computational notebooks, and much much more. Start with C# code and build the Python equivalent.


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