#300 CRUD using Blazor and Entity Framework Core


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CRUD using Blazor and Entity Framework Core

In this post, I am going to explain CRUD using Blazor and Entity Framework Core.  I will use the sample application we have created in the previous post and extend it with the new functionalities we are going to talk about in this post.  You will be familiar with the following topics after you read this post.

String Deduplication

Duplicated strings have been frequently observed in managed heaps. In some user scenarios they can take up most of the heap. Folks have been doing their own string deduplication. One of our first party customers did their own deduplication and were able to reduce the heap size by >70% but they could not do this for all workloads they have; only when they can find a feasible place to do so.

Working with expression trees in C#

Expression trees is an obscure, although very interesting feature in .NET. Most people probably think of it as something synonymous with object-relational mapping frameworks, but despite being its most common use case, it’s not the only one. There are a lot of creative things you can do with expression trees, including code generation, transpilation, metaprogramming, and more.

C# 8 asynchronous streams

In this series of articles, we’ll look at the new features in .NET’s main programming language. This first article, in particular, looks at asynchronous streams. This feature makes it easy to create and consume asynchronous enumerables, so before getting into the new feature, you first need to understand the IEnumerable interface.

Dos and Don'ts of stackalloc

In .NET Core 2.1 a small but well-received feature was the ability to “safely” allocate a segment of data on the stack, using stackalloc, when used with Span.


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