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#303 – March 23, 2020


C# Developers are in demand on Vettery

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CQRS is a simple pattern that strictly segregates the responsibility of handling command input from the responsibility of handling side-effect-free query/read access on the same system. In this article, you will learn exactly what CQRS is and step-by-step process of implementing this pattern.

The ASP.NET Core security headers guide

The ultimate guide to adding security headers in ASP.NET Core. Some features are built-in to core using middleware while others require manual work.

Is C# Slower Than C++?

Is C# slower than C++? That’s a pretty big question and not that obvious. Comparing C# and C++ leads to a more general question: “Is managed code slower than native code?”.

How to create better code using Domain-Driven Design

In this post, I am going to present how you can use domain-driven design tactical patterns like value object, entity, repository, domain event, factory, and domain service, to write better code. By better code I mean code that is more readable, easier to reason about and maintain.

The argument against Entity Framework, and for micro-ORMs

I've worked with Entity Framework (since the .NET 3.5 days, both code-first and database-first) as well as the latest .NET Core version. It was my preferred solution for a while and I've gotten pretty good with it. Looking back, I regret having to learn the hard way that EF is very taxing and it just isn't a good choice for most solutions.


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