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Writing a very simple shell in C#

A few months ago I stumbled across a very interesting post by Stephen Brennan detailing the specifics for implementing a shell in C. It is a very illuminating post into something that many programmers believe is sort of magic (at least, beginning programmers). I thought it might be worthwhile to write a short post about implementing a similar shell in C#.

How does the 'fixed' keyword work?

Well it turns out that it’s a really nice example of collaboration between the main parts of the .NET runtime, here’s a list of all the components involved: compiler, JITter, CLR, Garbage Collector (GC).

DotNet ORM Cookbook

In October of 2016, InfoQ published a series of articles on the repository pattern in .NET. To illustrate the concepts three ORMs were demonstrated: Entity Framework, Dapper, and Chain. A criticism of the articles was that it didn’t include many people’s favorite ORM. So as a follow up, this GitHub repository was created to expand on that idea and create a shared “cookbook” of design patterns for any or all of the .NET ORMs. Contributions are welcome.

C# 7.0 : Tuples to the Extreme!

Tuples are something that many developers may not frequently work with on a day-to-day basis, but they have a few different uses. With the latest upcoming release of C#, however this may change as tuples are getting a major power-up and will likely see quite a bit more "play" in the real-world.

Fun with micro-optimization in C#

Let's speak about code optimization. It is a real fun making the code run faster. Just imagine: you take a cup of tea, sit down in front of a code block and speed it up. How many things in this world can be more satisfying?

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