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#308 – April 27, 2020


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Demystifying Memory Profilers in C# .NET Part 1: The Principles

Memory leaks and GC Pressure cause pretty inconvenient effects like out-of-memory crashes, performance problems, and high memory consumption. Our primary tools when dealing with those issues are memory profilers. They are one of the most important category of tools in .NET troubleshooting, and in this article, you’ll see how to use them and extract the most information from them.

.NET JIT compiler is not type safe

First of all, it will be assembled by ILASM tool without any errors because it is a syntactically correct CIL. And ILASM is not a compiler, so it will not do any type checks on its own. So we end up with an assembly file with a smelly CIL inside. If not using ILASM, we could also simply modify CIL with the help of any tool like dnSpy.

Filtering on Include in EF Core

For years (quite literally 3 years) I’ve been waiting for filtering to be available on includes within Entity Framework, or more specifically, EF Core. Finally, the next preview should have this included.

C# 9 – Positional or Nominal Creation

C# allows writing code with positional or nominal code style. Using positional code style, constructors can be used. Object initializer belong to the nominal category. So far the nominal category was restricted because it required writable properties. This can change with C# 9.

Azure on the Cheap - Azure Storage Static Website and Azure Front Door

Azure on the Cheap posts focus on the architecture, techniques and technology in Azure that add considerable value without breaking the bank. This value is being measured in both the amount of effort taken to develop, provision, and maintain the resources, as well as the monthly charge for the resource.


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