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Overlay.NET: An easy-to-use overlay library written in C#

Overlay.NET aims to be An easy-to-use overlay library that allows you to render visuals to other windows, and offers lots of overlay options, from external WPF windows to shared process directx hooks to do the overlay rendering.

Aramid: Create Strongly-Typed HTML components in C#

This project was inspired by how React handles creating reusable components to build up scalable UIs. For example, you could create a FormInput component which would include the markup for labels, inputs, etc, and then create a LoginForm component which combined those smaller components together. Small components build up larger components, which eventually can build up whole UIs.

.emitbyte – one cool IL directive that can do evil

When you are learning IL you might wonder why some directives even exists. They can do a lot of harm when used incorrectly. I’ll shed some light about one of them. Let’s check .emitbyte

Func vs. Expression.

That was because accidently I treated Expression<Func<T>> like if it was a Func<T>. Two minutes later the bug was fixed, and I was happy to move forward. But what I realized is the fact that many developers don’t get the difference between these two „beings, ” and they try to use them alternately without any explanation. Frankly, that’s kinda weird for me since it’s not that hard to understand. And I’ll do my best to proof that 😉

Exploring C# 7.0: Out Variables

In this series, I want to explore a couple of the new C# 7.0 features coming down the pipeline. As with most things, I am working with preview bits, so these features are not guaranteed to work the same way in production.

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