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Cross-platform, Actionable, Graphical Git Dashboard

Straightforward, graphic GUI for your Git projects. Free Cross Platform App that works with Mac, Windows and Linux.

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A faster lower allocation stream stack wielded for ALPN/TLS and… HTTP2

So the pipelines library started life as “channels” a repo on github under David Fowlers personal account. By the time I came to look at it, it was up and running, buggy sure, API unbaked but it was functional. To look at how it was and a good kick starter (plus a blog always worth reading) take a look at Marc Gravell’s early post on the subject.

What's some C# bad practices that you know and what's the workaround?

A discussion and examples of bad practices in C#.

Lock free many-producer/single-consumer patterns

Today we're going to implement a very simple producer/consumer pattern: There are many producers who are producing work, and a single consumer who processes the work. The work is all identical, and it is idempotent. That means that doing the work twice is the same as doing it once.

Open Source .NET – 2 years later

I think that it’s clear to see that the Community has got on-board with the new Open-Source Microsoft, producing a sustained level of contributions over the last 2 years, lets hope it continues!

Virtual events in C#: something went wrong

Not so long ago I was working on a new C# diagnostic - V3119 - for the PVS-Studio static code analyzer. The function of this diagnostic is to detect potentially unsafe constructions in the source code of C#, related to the usage of virtual and overridden events. Let's try to sort out, what's wrong with virtual events in C# - the principle of this diagnostic, and why Microsoft doesn't recommend using virtual and overridden events.

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