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Unity future .NET development status

We’ve had a good bit of interest on various forum threads about Unity’s plans for C# and .NET in the future. Microsoft has been pushing the .NET ecosystem in a number of beneficial directions, and we at Unity want to bring those improvements to our users as soon as we can.

Overview of WPF & UWP differences

The Universal Windows Platform (UWP) has its roots in SilverLight instead of being based on the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). UWP is implemented natively in C++ instead of WPF which was written in C# and C++ for lower-level functions.

C# 9 new features for methods and functions

This is the third article in our C# 9 series. In the previous articles, we covered top-level programs and target-typed expressions and new features for pattern matching. In this article, we’ll look at new features for methods, anonymous functions, and local functions.

Handling dependency injection in inherited classes

Dependency injection (DI) is a wonderful thing. Simply add your dependency as a parameter to the constructor (most commonly) of your class, register it with you DI container, and away you go - the DI container will manage the rest. Some of the key benefits of DI are: greater testability, greater maintainability, and greater reusability.

.NET 6: date and time structures

A long-standing problem with .NET’s Base Class Library is the inability to separately represent date and time values. As part of .NET 6, the new DateOnly and TimeOnly classes seek to correct this oversight.


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