#360 Deploying C# web applications with Docker


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Deploying C# web applications with Docker

Imagine a scenario where you’ve created a web application, be it built with ASP.NET Core or the Uno Platform for WebAssembly, for example, and it’s now time to hand it over to the Operations team so it can be made available to the world.

Visual Studio 2022

The next major release of Visual Studio will be faster, more approachable, and more lightweight, designed for both learners and those building industrial scale solutions. For the first time ever, Visual Studio will be 64-bit. The user experience will feel cleaner, intelligent, and action oriented.

Introducing .NET multi-platform app UI

As we consider what building device applications will look like in a unified .NET, we see many devices across multiple platforms used, from Android and iOS to Windows and macOS. To address this need we are excited to announce a new first-class UI framework for doing just that: .NET Multi-platform App UI, affectionately called .NET MAUI.

.NET for beginners

.NET has a high cognitive entry barrier. What I mean by this is that a new developer has to quickly familiarise themselves with rather boring and complex topics way too early in their educational journey. In particular questions around the differences between .NET, .NET Core, Mono, Xamarin, and the relation between C#, F#, VB.NET and what a target framework or a runtime is add very little to almost no benefit to one's initial learning experience.

How to optimize .NET pipelines in azure DevOps

I recently became frustrated with the speed of my C# Continuous Integration pipeline. I thought it was way slower than it should have been. I spent some hours tweaking and here’s how I managed to make my continuous integration pipeline about 50% faster, taking it from 6 to 3 minutes.


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