#362 Why is your ASP.NET server so slow? 10 performance problems and solutions


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Why is your ASP.NET server so slow? 10 performance problems and solutions

Server performance problems can happen for many different reasons. Memory issues, slow database requests, and too few machines are just some of them. I witnessed my fair share of problems and learned a few tricks along the way. In this article, I’ll tell you about 10 types of issues that can cause performance problems in your server. That’s not to say I categorized all possible problem types, but these might give you some ideas and nudge you in the right direction next time you’re digging into perf matters.

.NET 6 LINQ Improvements

Continuing our series on the over 100 API changes in .NET 6, we look at extensions to the LINQ library.

Introducing C# 10

The first thing he talked about, is how the current implementation of record uses a class (read: reference type) as the base object. There will also be a record struct variant available so the underlying type can be a value type. The difference is that a regular record will pass from function to function by reference and a record struct will be copied by its values. The record struct will include with support.

Nullable Reference types in C# – Best practices

In this tutorial, I look at the state of the Nullable Reference Types feature in C#, one year after its initial release.

Is the era of reflection-heavy C# libraries at an end?

I’m going to talk about reflection-heavy libraries; I will describe the scenario I’m talking about - as it is commonly used today, the status quo, giving a brief overview of the pros and cons of this, and then present the case that times have changed, and with new language and runtime features: it may be time to challenge our way of thinking about this kind of library.


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