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Cross-platform, Actionable, Graphical Git Dashboard

Straightforward, graphic GUI for your Git projects. Free Cross Platform App that works with Mac, Windows and Linux.

this week's favorite

New Features in C# 7.0

A quick overview of some of the new language features coming to C# 7.0.

How to create a NuGet package and publish it to NuGet.org

When you are writing code for your application, sometimes you encounter something that you’re using across multiple projects, or that may be valuable to other software developers you know. In .NET, the «right» way to share those things is by packaging an assembly for NuGet and uploading it to NuGet.org.

Research papers in the .NET source

This post is completely inspired by (or ‘copied from’ depending on your point of view) a recent post titled JAVA PAPERS (also see the HackerNews discussion). However, instead of looking at Java and the JVM, I’ll be looking at references to research papers in the .NET language, runtime and compiler source code.

Why ref locals allow only a single binding?

Current restriction on ref locals to be single-assignable is a straightforward and simple way to guard against several potential problems. There are ways to relax the restriction in the future, if that is found to be beneficial enough.

Why is reflection slow?

It’s common knowledge that reflection in .NET is slow, but why is that the case? This post aims to figure that out by looking at what reflection does under-the-hood.

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