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#368 – June 21, 2021


Free eBook: Understanding Terraform

This ebook and audiobook will help you understand the underlying concepts of this infrastructure as a code tool and how it can be a significant resource when your cloud infrastructure hits critical mass. This content is available as an instant download with no registration required. Download Now

this week's favorite

Running my .NET nanoFramework for 8 years on a battery

Today, I’d like to show dotnet how to run your own .NET application on a Micro Controller Unit (MCU) on a simple battery for multiple years. I’ll build an application that will read the temperature and pressure on a BMP280 sensor connected to an ESP32. The core idea is to be run on a small solar panel charging a LiPo battery. I will as well present two real case scenarios, both running .NET nanoFramework, one on STM32F7 processor and the other one on a TI CC1352R.

New LINQ extensions in .NET 6 and benchmarks

This post will go through the new LINQ extensions made available in .NET 6. Learn about MaxBy, DistinctBy, FirstOrDefault with default values, and more.

Competing consumers pattern for scalability

The Competing Consumers Pattern enables messages from Message Queues (or Topics) to be processed concurrently by multiple Consumers. This improves scalability, availability but also has some issues that you need to consider such as message ordering and moving the bottleneck.

How to use database sharding and scale an ASP.NET Core microservice architecture

Load Balance a C# ASP.NET Core Service and Use MySql App-Layer Sharding. Shows the Concepts, Which Also Apply to MongoDB, etc.

Hot reload for .NET developers

This time we will have the opportunity to learn about one of the most anticipated features for .NET developers - Hot Reload.


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