#370 Abusing C# binding redirects for fun and profit

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Abusing C# binding redirects for fun and profit

This blog entry is about the story of how I figured this out with the help of a friend, and information will be mainly presented this way. It covers very advanced topics within C# and the .NET runtime, so be sure to have Google ready for any unrecognized terms.

Array iteration performance in C# — Branching and parallelization

Modern CPUs, in a quest for better performance, try to maximize its throughput by executing instructions simultaneously and while waiting for the result of logic tests. They try their best to guess the behavior of our code but, many times, the code has to be adjusted to maximize that potencial. These optimizations are CPU dependent and results may vary.

Cost of exceptions

Hopefully the era of leprosy and corona is over for this time and it’s time to get back to blogging. Exceptions are powerful feature of object-oriented languages as far as they are used like they are thought to use – throw exception only when something really unexpected happens. This advice should be taken seriously – here’s why.

Building reliable Kafka producers and consumers in .NET

Sending messages reliably and quickly between services is a core requirement for most distributed systems. Apache Kafka is a popular, durable message broker that enables applications to process, persist and re-process streamed data with low latency, high throughput, and fault tolerance. If you are a beginner in Kafka, please consider reading the articles in my Apache Kafka series to get up to speed in no time.

.NET object allocation tool performance

With the release of Visual Studio 16.10 comes a new analysis engine for the Performance Profiler, with the .NET Object Allocation Tool being the first tool to be onboarded. This provides the tool with some new features and a significant perf boost. Give it a shot with your C# app and see what spurious allocations you can remove to speed up your app!


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