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#371 – July 12, 2021


Free eBook: Understanding Terraform

This ebook and audiobook will help you understand the underlying concepts of this infrastructure as a code tool and how it can be a significant resource when your cloud infrastructure hits critical mass. This content is available as an instant download with no registration required. Download Now

this week's favorite

A practical guide to Higher Order Functions in C#

If you have been programming for any length of time, you may well have come across higher order functions, but (like me) may not have fully appreciated just how powerful they can be. If you've not heard of them before, never fear, I have an explanation below.

10 things you should avoid in your ASP.NET Core controllers

Keeping controllers clean and tidy is something we’ve learned we should do the first time we’ve stumbled upon the MVC pattern. But as the project grows and other team members enter the project, things might get out of hand. Especially when deadlines need to be met, and that’s the case almost all the time, unfortunately.

Boost ASP.NET Core performance with static content

I’m a big proponent of static site generators. They provide the ultimate combination of performance and deployment options, period. For ASP.NET developers, we have access to powerful application building tools like Razor and ASP.NET Core. Ultimately all these dynamic elements combine to generate HTML. What if we could combine the dynamic goodness of ASP.NET Core with the powerhouse performance of static sites?

Stop saving to disk with C# asynchronous streams

My journey to solve a hard performance problem with a newish language feature: asynchronous streams. Explains what asynchrnous streams are, and shows a real world problem they can solve.

What Windows 11 means for developers

Today at the What’s next for Windows — developer event, we’ll show you the next era of Windows and how we are embracing Windows == open platform. This means everyone has open access to run the widest range of apps on Windows, enabling all developers to build the apps and experiences that empower users to create, learn, and play.


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