#372 Evolution of an async LINQ operator

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Evolution of an async LINQ operator

From deferred execution to cancellation and ConfigureAwait(false), an async LINQ operator has some tricky parts to get correctly.

A type-safe CloudEvent

A strongly typed implementation of the cloudevent spec that provides a safe way to use it in your domain layer.

Modular architecture in ASP.NET Core - Building better monoliths

In this article, we will discuss Modularizing Web Applications using Modular Architecture in ASP.NET Core. We will go through Monolith Architecture’s various cons and pros and work on how to build monolith applications in a better way. Let’s call it Modular Monolith Architecture. Towards the latter section of the article, we will also build a sample solution that follows Modular Architecture. I have also attached the repository link to the ongoing real-life implementation of Modular Architecture in an Open Source Point of Sales System later in this article. Let’s get started.

Postmortem: The case of the pauses, the fault and the GC

A RavenDB customer called us with an interesting issue. Every now and then, RavenDB will stop process any and all requests. These pauses could last for as long as two to three minutes and occurred on a fairly random, if frequent, basis.

C# 10 feature status

We spent the first half of today going through the remaining features that are currently being worked on by the compiler team and prioritizing them for what is going to make C# 10, and what will need to be pushed out to early preview for C# 11.


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