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#373 – July 26, 2021


10 Blazor Features You Probably Didn't Know

Combining MVC + Blazor in the same project? Add Blazor to your existing project without the need to rewrite the entire app. That's one out of the many benefits of Blazor. To shine light on some more of Blazor's overlooked features, we prepared a blog post to show what makes Blazor a worthy contender as the basis for your next web or desktop app. Read on!

this week's favorite

Anatomy of a .NET app

What happens when you build a .NET app? What happens the instant you run it? The last time I studied this was when .NET Framework was in its infancy. That was nearly 20 years ago! Things have changed in those two decades: apps are now cross-platform; .NET has lost its "Framework" moniker; and I've lost my hair!

Advancing application reliability with the Azure Well-Architected Framework

For two years now, my ongoing Advancing Reliability blog series has highlighted initiatives and investments underway to keep improving the reliability of our Azure platform and services. But what about your own Azure applications that run on top of these—how should you think about establishing and improving the reliability of your own architecture?

Domain-driven refactoring: Long methods

The telltale signs are code comments denoting notable sections of our method. You might see comments, or worse, regions, to try to break up a long method. However, we want self-documenting code instead of code comments (which lie), so the answer is to extract methods for these more complex sections.

Top Visual Studio profiling tools

Are you having performance issues with your applications? Maybe it’s time you make use of profiling tools. If you have Visual Studio applications, you’ll want to know the most popular Visual Studio profiling tools available.


A library to provide pooling for .NET MemoryStream objects to improve application performance, especially in the area of garbage collection.


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