#375 New runtime features coming in .NET 6


Blazor on WPF

Could developers share code between web and desktop and have a way to modernize WPF apps? The answer is Yes! We will show you how in this piece where we look into WebView2 in WPF, and show you how to use the BlazorHybrid project template as a single solution for an WPF app. Eager to find out more? Read the blog post now!

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New runtime features coming in .NET 6

As usual, there are a boatload of new APIs coming in .NET 6. Most of these are driven by custom requests. Lets talk about some of them.

Synchronous vs Messaging: When to use which?

Not all communication will be synchronous request/response with HTTP/RPC or asynchronous messaging within a system. But how do you choose between Synchronous vs Messaging? Well, it depends on if it’s a command and/or a query as well as where the request is originating from. If you want reliability and resiliency, then use messaging where it’s appropriate.

Common Azure devops vulnerabilities and how to avoid them

DevOps makes it easier and faster for organizations to design, develop, review, test, and deploy services to production than conventional software development organizations. This is achieved through collaboration among different teams and tools.

.NET Source Generators: Finding Class Declarations

Source generators are a new feature of .NET 5. You may be interested in writing source generators to help remove boilerplate, improve application performance, or generally perform tasks at compile time rather than at runtime.

How to stop NullReferenceExceptions in .NET: Implementing nullable reference types

This article gives you a toolset for stopping NullReferenceExceptions in .NET code. The article centers around Nullable Reference Types (NRT), a feature that Microsoft added in C# 8. This article mentions five additional tools to ensure that users will never encounter the exception and explains how to implement them in your code.


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