#382 6 essential tools to detect and fix performance issues in .NET


Backend For Frontend Authentication Pattern with Auth0 and ASP.NET Core

Understand the Backend For Frontend authentication pattern and how it can be implemented in ASP.NET with Auth0.

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6 essential tools to detect and fix performance issues in .NET

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been battling with performance problems all my career. And I’ll probably keep doing that all the way to retirement. For some reason, perf issues never seem to end. And the bigger the project gets, no matter how much effort your team puts into optimization, the performance problems keep piling up.

How to use C#'s Parallel.ForEach

There are certain operations performed in code that lend themselves to being executed in parallel. Some might even call these tasks "embarrassingly parallel". In this post we'll be going over how we can use C#'s Parallel.ForEach to iterate over collections in parallel.

Migration to ASP.NET Core in .NET 6

.NET 6 introduces a new hosting model for ASP.NET Core applications. This model is streamlined and reduces the amount of boilerplate code required to get a basic ASP.NET Core application up and running.

Interesting technology tips

Sometimes, in my research, I come across helpful and great tips to keep in mind but likely wouldn’t be enough to fill a whole post. Rather than let those discoveries fade into the ether, I thought I’d compile them into a pseudo-random blog post. These tips will focus on technologies and techniques that can help build an application, and hopefully, knowing some of these tips will help you solve future problems.

Separating concerns with Pipes & Filters

How do you separate concerns when processing a request? Typical concerns such as Logging, Validation, Exception Handling, Retries, and many more. One way is to build a request pipeline for separating concerns by using the Pipes and Filters pattern. You can also build a pipeline using the Russian Doll model that allows you to short circuit at any point throughout the pipeline.


Understanding Kubernetes: A Guide to Modernizing Your Cloud Infrastructure

Learn fundamental concepts of Kubernetes, from the components of a Kubernetes cluster to network model implementation. After reading this guide, you’ll have a working knowledge of containers and be able to jump right in and deploy your first Kubernetes cluster. This free guide is available as an instant download with no registration required.


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