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#383 – October 04, 2021


Authorization for ASP.NET Web APIs

Learn how to secure an ASP.NET Web API by granting access only to authorized users through Auth0 authentication and authorization services.

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Health checks in ASP.Net Core web API

When you have an API running in the cloud it is important to know how healthy it is and if it might experience issues by itself or other services it relies on.

Avoiding memory leaks in Visual Studio editor extensions

Visual Studio extenders make VS even better by augmenting it with specialized tools, new languages, and workflows. As a Visual Studio extender, you can ensure your extension’s customers have the most performant, reliable experience possible by avoiding common sources of memory leaks, described within this blog post.

Grouping assertions in tests

Although it's generally considered a best practice to assert only one thing per test, sometimes one logical "thing" may require multiple assertion statements to be executed. In such cases, it's helpful to be able to see all of the parts of the larger assertion that failed, so you don't end up chasing after them one by one.

Ahead-of-time compilation for Blazor Wasm

Blazor Wasm applications are being interpreted in the browser by default. The idea behind Wasm is to be able to compile any language to Wasm and in this way have a common platform that all code can be run on. Instead of doing this directly Blazor Wasm first bootstrapped this approach by making an IL interpreter in Wasm and with this made it possible to run .NET code compiled to IL instructions in the browser. In this article, we will look at how you can compile your code directly to Wasm Ahead-Of-Time (AOT) and what pros and cons this brings.

Compress strings with .NET and C#

Modern development has an abundance of processing power, network bandwidth, and disk space. Given our current fortunes, we should spend these resources like there’s no tomorrow, right? Well, no! We should be mindful of our resource utilization and how it affects our overall application’s run profile.


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