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#386 – October 25, 2021


Modernize and Streamline the MongoDB LINQ Implementation

MongoDB is announcing its LINQ rewrite to create a seamless C# developer experience that makes it easier than ever before to use LINQ with MongoDB. This expands support for more LINQ expressions, generates MQL more effectively, and addresses outstanding issues associated with the beta legacy implementation. These new features will be available in a beta version which you can opt-in to experience and provide feedback on along the way.

this week's favorite

C# 10.0: Extended property patterns

In this blog post, let’s look at another interesting feature of C# 10.0 which is called extended property patterns.

The Ghost of Silverlight, or “Lessons learned from dying frameworks”

We all think we know why technology fails. But what if we’re learning the wrong lesson?

C#: Pass by value vs ref vs in vs out

While learning C# you will learn about the different ways variables can be passed as arguments to function. In this post, I will try to summarize the essential things you need to know about argument passing in C#, the way I learned them and they I made sense of them.

Exploring C# 10: Global using declarations

Let's explore global using directives in C# 10, a nice way to make your namespaces available throughout your project.

Update on .NET hot reload progress and Visual Studio 2022 highlights

Regardless of the type of app you’re working on, our goal with Hot Reload is to save you as many app restarts between edits as possible, making you more productive by reducing the time you spend waiting for apps to rebuild, restart, re-navigate to the previous location where you were in the app itself, etc. We accomplish this by making it possible for you to edit your applications code files and apply those code changes immediately to the running application, also known as “Hot Reload”.


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