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Why .NET Technologies Are Powering our Application

I've been developing at Snipcart for a year now. What started as a standard internshipmatured into a thrilling, full-time startup gig. Sometimes I can't believe I almost sabotaged this opportunity from the very start. Why? Because of three simple letters: .NET

Blog series about ASP.NET Core

Some of you may not follow the blog on my company elmah.io. While I totally respect that, I want to share a blog series about ASP.NET Core, that I’m writing on the elmah.io blog. Here’s a list of all of the posts, that are not affiliated with elmah.io in any other way, that they are published on the blog.

Has WPF been abandoned?

A discussion about the current state of WPF.

VSTS loves Github, Docker, Azure Container Service, Azure Container Registry and Linux.

In this blogpost I show one way how to set up full CI/CD for Docker containers which will finally run in Azure Container Service. In some of my recent posts I already talked about Azure Container Service (ACS) and how I set up an automated Deployment to ACS from VSTS. Now let’s take this to another level.

Performance comparison of different data pipelines in .NET

The imperative code is the fastest in general. The reason for this is that it is implemented as an efficient for loop.

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