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#388 – November 08, 2021


Getting Started with MongoDB Realm SDK

Build and release C# apps faster with the MongoDB Realm SDK for .NET, Xamarin, UWP, and Unity. Eliminate data conflicts with Realm Sync, automate app logic with triggers and functions, and more.

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The case for C# and .NET

It has been interesting as I’ve shifted out of .NET ecosystem which I’ve worked with on the server side (and some stints of desktop client/tooling work) since the beta versions just before the first release.

Exploring .NET Core 6

In this series I'm going to take a look at some of the new features coming in .NET 6. There's already been a lot of content written on .NET 6, including a lot of posts from the .NET and ASP.NET teams themselves. In this series I'm going to be looking at some of the code behind some of those features.

Functor variance compared to C#'s notion of variance

If you know your way around C# you may know that the language has its own notion of co- and contravariance. Perhaps you're wondering how it fits with contravariant functors.

.NET Collections – IEnumerable, IQueryable, ICollection

In this article, we are going to discuss three popular interfaces in the area of .NET collections. We all use collections every day in .NET, but do we really understand the difference between each of them, and when we should use one or another? Hopefully, at the end of this article, we should have a clearer understanding of these concepts and how to apply them to real-world problems.

The outbox pattern in event-driven ASP.NET Core microservice architectures

How to Build a Resilient Architecture with RabbitMQ, C#, Entity Framework, and the Transactional Outbox Pattern.


UnoConf 2021 – A Free Multi-Platform Development Conference

If you speak C#, XAML and use Visual Studio, UnoConf is for you! Join us online as our speakers dive into best practices for multi-platform development, unveil our 2022 roadmap and take you through how to build single-codebase applications for Windows, WebAssembly, iOS, macOS, Android and Linux with Uno Platform. Don’t miss out on Uno Platform's annual conference happening November 30th.


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