#389 Welcome to C# 10


.NET Reporting in Visual Studio with List & Label

Cut development time by embedding sophisticated reporting, print and export functions in your .NET application with just a few lines of code. The royalty-free reporting tool List & Label ships with feature-rich report designers for desktop and web and the Report Server as out of the box solution. Now supports .NET 6 and Visual Studio 2022.

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Welcome to C# 10

Today, we are happy to announce the release of C# 10 as part of .NET 6 and Visual Studio 2022. In this post, we’re covering a lot of the new C# 10 features that make your code prettier, more expressive, and faster.

GIFs in console output using ImageSharp and Spectre.Console

In today’s post, we’ll see how to use popular OSS projects ImageSharp and Spectre.Console to render a real-time animated GIF to a terminal’s output. The post will be short, but You’ll get to see two crucial code snippets.

Unit testing code that does File IO

If your code does File IO, such as reading text from a file, then it’s dependent on the file system. This is an external dependency. In order to make the unit tests fast and reliable, you can mock out the external dependencies.

Using Roslyn C# compiler

Today we will look at the Roslyn C# compiler and how to run it directly. We are so used to IDE environments that we rarely step back to think about what happens under the hood. When we compile a C# program in Visual Studio, it calls the C# compiler also known as Roslyn. Today we will write an application that targets .NET framework 5.0 and directly compile it using Roslyn and then run it from the command prompt.

Write and debug running code with Hot Reload in Visual Studio

Starting in Visual Studio 2022, the Hot Reload experience in Visual Studio works for both managed .NET and native C++ apps. Regardless of the type of app you’re working on, the intention of Hot Reload is to save you as many app restarts between edits as possible, making you more productive by reducing the time you spend waiting for apps to rebuild, restart, re-navigate to the previous location where you were in the app itself, et al.


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