#393 Don't do that, do this: the .NET 6 edition


Securing ASP.NET Minimal Web APIs with Auth0

Learn about the new ASP.NET minimal Web APIs introduced in .NET 6.0 and how to secure them with Auth0.

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Don't do that, do this: the .NET 6 edition

What about the features and improvements that don't knock both your socks off but also help to make your daily development experience more productive? A lot of these "quality of life" features in .NET 6 can help by removing boilerplate and pain and can help you get to the point: shipping quality software.

Get to know EF Core 6

EF Core 6.0 is a modern, cloud-native-friendly data access API that supports multiple backends. Get up and running with a document-based Azure Cosmos DB container using only a few lines of code, or use your LINQ query skills to extract the data you need from relational databases like SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. EF Core is a cross-platform solution that runs on mobile devices, works with data-binding in client WinForms and WPF apps “out of the box”, and can even run inside your browser!

Useful features to know in C# 10

It is that time of year again MS ignite has past by and few new features and updates have been announced for our favorite programming language C#. Today I'd like to show you how you can use a few of the new features that I have found very useful over the past month or so.

What's new for gRPC in .NET 6

.NET 6 further improves gRPC’s already great performance and adds a new range of features that make gRPC better than ever in modern cloud-native apps. In this post I’ll describe these new features as well as how we are leading the industry with the first gRPC implementation to support end-to-end HTTP/3.

Make the implicit explicit

When practicing software architecture and design, one important consideration is how the rules of the system are modeled. Are the rules ad hoc and a matter of tribal knowledge of the developers who came before, or are they explicit in the way the system and its classes are designed and used? Whenever possible, favor making the implicit explicit in your design, so that as developers come and go, the design remains consistent and discoverable.


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