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#394 – December 20, 2021


Accessibility Test–Driven Blazor Components

Blazor’s component model is one of the framework’s greatest strengths. Creating components in the framework feels intuitive and creative—most of the time things “just work.” Combine the component architecture with a rich set of tools for testing and you’ll find Blazor offers a productive developer experience. It may sound a bit sensationalized, our latest experiment makes it feel justified.

this week's favorite

Welcome improvements in C# 10

The changes may be small, but we still need to keep up-to-date. How does moving to version 10 change C#? A look at three features that make it really worthwhile.

CQRS is simpler than you think with .NET 6 and C# 10

.NET and CQRS are well known for the high ceremony and enterprise feeling. You should treat that as superstition. Let me tell you why.

How to upgrade a codebase from .NET framework to .NET 6

This post is part guide and part food for thought. Here, the focus is on upgrading a back-end from ASP.NET to ASP .NET Core, but you will find this helpful if you need to upgrade any code from Framework to .NET 6.

.NET 6 Networking Improvements

With each new release of .NET we like to publish a blog post highlighting some of the changes and improvements for networking. In this post, I am pleased to talk about the changes in .NET 6.

Parallel.ForEachAsync deep dive

This post contains a very technical dive. It is of intermediate complexity, and assumes a basic knowledge of how async/await works.


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