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#398 – January 17, 2022


Powerful DevOps automation

Octopus Deploy easily automates your deployments and operations runbooks from a single place, helping you ship code quickly and reliably. Class-leading support for .NET applications on Windows Servers and Azure.

this week's favorite

LINQ enhancements in Entity Framework Core 6

In this post, I focus on LINQ query enhancements in Entity Framework Core 6.

7 steps to increase your ASP.NET website performance

ASP.NET Core is a good choice to create a fast website, but there are some things that can take your website performance and optimization to the next level.

Type-safe DI composition

In April 2020 I published an article called Unit bias against collections. My goal with the article was to point out a common cognitive bias. I just happened to use .NET's built-in DI Container as an example because I'd recently encountered a piece of documentation that exhibited the kind of bias I wanted to write about.

Advanced web UI components automation with WebDriver

Most of the websites out there use commercial Web UI Components for their front end. Most of these components are JavaScript-based, and their test automation is a little bit trickier. In this article, I am going to show you how you can automate such controls using their JavaScript API. For the examples, I am going to use the WebDriver. However, you can easily apply the same principles for any other web automation framework.

A comprehensive guide to port from EF6 to EF Core

EF6 was officially released nearly a decade ago in October 2013. The next major Entity Framework release was in June of 2016 when EF Core 1.0 was introduced as a complete rewrite for the modern .NET Core platform. One final, major update to EF6 happened with the release of a new version compatible with .NET Core.


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