#402 What is the cost of casting in C#?


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What is the cost of casting in C#?

As I was (at that moment) running out of ideas about optimizations in hot paths in FbNetExternalEngine, I turned my attention into other parts of code. And one piece that was doing casting on every call caught my attention. Could I make the casting faster? What is actually the cost of casting? Does it matter? I had to dive into it.

Announcing ImageSharp 2.0.0

We've been putting this release together for a while but it's been well worth the wait. This is a MASSIVE release with some fantastic improvements.

Configuring Open Telemetry tracing for ASP.NET Core

Configuring tracing in Open Telemetry for ASP.NET Core can be a fairly simple process but never accept the defaults! There is always more we can do to make improvements.

Measuring performance after migration from .NET5 to .NET 6

We will discuss why we continuously strive to upgrade our application’s platform. Here we tell you what we achieved with migration to .NET 6 in terms of performance and try to evaluate our results practically.

Minimal APIs in .NET 6 — A complete guide

.NET 6 was released last week and it’s being branded as “The Fastest .NET” yet by Microsoft. It comes with a lot of exciting new features, language and performance improvements. It’s the first LTS release since .NET Core 3.1 and will be supported for three years.


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