#403 Range & Index — C#8 features under the radar


Blazor DataGrid Meets Blazor Report Viewer

Telerik UI for Blazor offers developers a great way to interact and visualize manipulated data through its Grid component, while Telerik Reporting can communicate data in a unique way. We have brought the two together to demonstrate how you can easily modify the dataset to what you want, and display it in reports. Read more about it in the blog post.

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Range & Index — C#8 features under the radar

Recently I made a few posts about some fancy features embedded in C#8, however, I feel like there is one feature which is super useful, but tends to fly under the radar a lot — Range & Index.

The affair of the C# bang bang - !! - operator

A programming language is like any other language. It must evolve over time to reflect the ways that it is used. One of the things I love about C# is how it has grown over the years. One of the latest changes is the addition of a !! operator (otherwise known as the “bang bang” operator). This is causing a bit of debate, which is great because changes to a programming language should always be made on the basis of a proper discussion. But you might be wondering what all the debate is about. So here’s a quick explanation of what is going on.

Announcing .NET 7 Preview 1

.NET 7 builds on the foundation established by .NET 6, which includes a unified set of base libraries, runtime, and SDK, a simplified development experience, and higher developer productivity. Major areas of focus for .NET 7 include improved support for cloud native scenarios, tools to make it easier to upgrade legacy projects, and simplifying the developer experience by making it easier to work with containers.

Unit testing Async WPF ICommand

In the past, within my team at Innoveo, we had several discussions about the best way to unit test async WPF ICommand. We value quality, so testing is essential to us. We decided to make the methods called by the command internal so that our tests could call those.

My 20 Years with .NET

It’s .NET’s 20th birthday: 20 years since Microsoft released v1.0 of their managed runtime, a Base Class Library, a couple of application frameworks, and the C# programming language. So I thought I’d do a retrospective of my 20 years working with .NET, because I’m extraordinarily vain and I assume people want to read stuff like this.


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