#404 Making illegal states unrepresentable


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Making illegal states unrepresentable

From my perspective, an illegal state is such state of an application in which it demonstrates an unexpected behaviour, makes its data inconsistent, or cannot proceed with operation

The power of OneOf – Unions for C#

This library provides F# style unions for C#, using a custom type OneOf. An instance of this type holds a single value, which is one of the types in its generic argument list.

Badly implementing encryption: Timings attacks and side channels

Those two functions are doing the same thing, but in a very different manner. The issue with eql() is that it will stop at the first mismatch byte, while timingSafeEql() will always scan through the two buffers first and then return the result.

Interactive notebooks with C#

.NET 6 and C#10 are here, Visual Studio Code is a nice environment for editing your code, and you can even edit your code in the web. And a new feature has appeared to document your code: .NET Interactive. With it, you can create interactive notebooks and create interactive pieces of code, where you can share and try sample code.

Attribute on attribute itself

Today I learned that you could use attribute, in C#, on itself. 🤯 Not sure why would I do that, but it’s cool.


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