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#407 – March 21, 2022


How To Render Blazor Components Dynamically

You won’t always know which components you need to render ahead of time. Here’s how to render components dynamically in response to changing data.

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Deep dive into WPF layouting and rendering

WPF documentation can be very minimalistic and confusing, especially when it comes to how layouting and rendering really work and what you need to do in your code to make best use of it. This article is for you if you are interested in technical details.

Middleware in .NET 6 - Intro and basics

We're going to talk about what middleware is, what it does, why we use it, and demo several implementations of various kinds of middleware. We'll also talk about the pipeline that middleware exists in, how to create it, and why the order of operations in that pipeline matters. Finally, we'll even show two ways to conditionally execute middleware in the pipeline to give you a finer-grain control of what your app does.

A deep-dive into the new Task.WaitAsync() API in .NET 6

In this post I look at how the new Task.WaitAsync() API is implemented in .NET 6, looking at the internal types used to implement it.

Announcing .NET 7 Preview 2 - The New, 'New' Experience

Today, we are glad to release .NET 7 Preview 2. The second preview of .NET 7 includes enhancements to RegEx source generators, progress moving NativeAOT from experimental status into the runtime, and a major set of improvements to the “dotnet new” CLI experience. The bits are available for you to grab right now and start experimenting with new features.

Live unit testing preview: Better and faster

Live Unit Testing is the automatic test running feature in Visual Studio Enterprise. As you make code changes, Live Unit Testing detects what tests are impacted and runs them in the background. This way you always know if the tests covering a certain line of code are passing or failing. You can see what your code coverage is for each line of your product code at a glance. You get instant feedback in the editor with pass/fail icons in the margin and you can easily run or debug the impacted tests from the Live Unit Testing icons. Live Unit Testing will help you catch if new code changes cause tests to fail as you develop so you won’t forget to do a test run before pushing changes ever again.


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