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Bundling in .NET Core MVC Applications with webpack

Let’s say that you have a massive MVC application. It’s a multi-page application, with JavaScript on every page. Maybe you have jQuery, Bootstrap’s JavaScript, and Knockoutjs, all of which needs to be loaded on each page, and a different set of view models for each one of those multiple pages.

Cross-Platform Graphics in .NET Core

A couple weeks ago I was browsing /r/programming and was reading about the new road-map for .NET Core and .NET Standard. I came upon a comment where someone mentioned it was in fact possible to make games in .NET Core. I had no clue it was possible to do graphics at all, so I decided to do some investigation of my own. For those who want to skip to the final source, you can do so here.

Explaining .NET Standard Like I'm Five

.NET Core, ASP.NET Core, .NET Standard 1.1, .NET Standard 2, Netstandard, .NET Framework - so many .NETTY things, no wonder I see comments like these:

Cool Patterns: Hole in the Middle

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post on here. But hey, new year, new post! In this new series, I’ll be taking a look at some useful patterns and practices that I’ve encountered in my day-to-day work that might be of use to folks out there! Today’s topic: “Hole in the middle”, a type of Inversion of Control (IoC).

What .NET Developers ought to know to start in 2017

Many many years ago I wrote a blog post about what .NET Developers ought to know. Unfortunately what was just a list of questions was abused by recruiters and others who used it as a harsh litmus test.

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