#409 Avoiding distributed transactions with the reservation pattern


Blazor for .NET MAUI: What, How and When

The promise of .NET MAUI is that you’ll be able to build a single app and have it run on all four operating systems. But it goes even further when you add Blazor to the mix. Read all about the upcoming release here.

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Avoiding distributed transactions with the reservation pattern

A long-running business process could last seconds to days, you cannot lock resources within a service using a distributed transaction. So what’s the alternative? The real world has a solution, it’s a reservation. The reservation pattern allows you to have a time-bound limited guarantee which allows you to coordinate with other services.

Simple web site crawler using .NET Core and C#

This is an elementary Web site crawler written using C# on .NET Core . What do we mean by crawling a web site ? No! We are not indexing the content of the pages.

Combining bearer token and cookie authentication in ASP.NET

And we're back for another episode in the seedy TV drama that is ASP.NET Authentication. In today's show we'll discuss the mysterious case of combining multiple authentication schemes in a single application. Tune in at 11 for the scary conclusion.

Middleware in .NET 6 - Order of Operations

Let's continue our series on Middleware in .NET 6 by discussing the pipeline created by Middleware, and specifically why the order in which the middleware are added to the pipeline is very important.

How segments and regions differ in decommitting memory in the .NET 7 GC

We just snapped the source with regions in GC on by default for the next .NET 7.0 preview build this past Monday (and the build will be release in April). So I wanted to explain how the regions feature differs in its policy for decommitting memory from segments so you can evaluate whether you are seeing something by design or not if you decide to try it out.


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