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#411 – April 18, 2022


Should Your Enterprise Pick Angular, React or Blazor?

With an ever-expanding sea of frameworks, tools and ecosystems from which to choose, it can seem harder than ever to figure out the best option for your business when it comes to building modern web applications. We take some of the guesswork out of it for you.

this week's favorite

Speed up logging in .NET

The team at Microsoft has added another way to do logging that touts that it’s faster than using the old new way (ILogger). In this article, I will discuss the old way of logging and introduce the new LoggerMessage class.

Deep dive into interfaces

Interfaces - what are they for? Not quite inheritance yet they seem to fit the same purpose.

Validation rules for .NET MAUI

Improve the quality of your data using validation rules for .NET MAUI. Any app that accepts input from users should ensure that the input is valid. Without validation, a user can supply data that causes the app to fail. Validation enforces business rules and prevents an attacker from injecting malicious data.

Warning on lower case type names in C# 11

C# 11 is the next version of C# coming in .NET 7, and it is introducing a warning wave that issues a warning when a type is declared with all lower-case letters. This is being done so that in the future the language can begin moving away from conditional keywords and instead use full on keywords instead. The warning is alerting customers to types that may become keywords in future versions.

Using Roslyn APIs to analyse .NET solution

In a previous post “Getting Started with the Roslyn APIs: Writing Code with Code“, I demonstrated a relatively simple way to generate code using the Roslyn APIs. In this post, I want to revisit the topic from a fresh angle and demonstrate the foundations for achieving a slightly different goal.


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