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#414 – May 09, 2022

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I've launched Daily Tech newsletter a couple weeks ago. 💥🍾

It's a daily curated newsletter and it explores tech more deeply and dives into product and startup world too. Give it a try and I hope you'll find it interesting.


FusionAuth is the authentication and authorization platform built for devs, by devs

Do you have a side project that needs custom login & registration, Multi-factor authentication, Social Logins, or User Management? Download FusionAuth Community Edition for free! The best part is you get unlimited users and there's no credit card or subscription required.

this week's favorite

Which .NET Design Pattern is Best For Your Next Project

Today’s .NET projects are more than just a few lines of code hidden behind a windows form. They are a construction of classes, projects, or even entire solutions grouped by responsibility. By grouping classes in specific ways, we are able to not build the solution quickly, but we are also able to implement many features that assist you in creating robust and testable solutions.

Improving ASP.NET Core Before It Ships 🚢

Have you ever wondered why Microsoft releases preview versions of their products before the final release? Well, it’s so real customers can help ensure their quality before they go live. In this post, we’ll tell you about an issue we found in testing the previews of ASP.NET Core and how we worked with Microsoft to fix it.

You Probably Don't Need to Worry About MediatR

I've been pointed at this post from various sources, and I thought I'd take the time to address the criticisms one by one. Not because I personally care too much, MediatR evolved over many years to solve the problems my teams faced, but since others seem to care, here we go.

Dictionary implementation in C#

In the previous post we explained the implementation details of List. This time we will look at another generic collection defined in System.Collection.Generic namespace which is Dictionary.

Using Background Services in ASP.NET Core

I have a small link shortener that I run for myself. I built it mostly so I could update short links when an URL changes (which bitly didn’t let me do). It’s been running for a few months and I’m really happy with it (GitHub Project). One of the things that I missed was tracking the usage of short links to see how they were being used.


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