#416 Asynchronous programming in C#


How our socket code in Enclave squeezes the maximum performance out of UDP in .NET 6

Enclave’s CTO explains how the platform’s C# UDP socket implementation comfortably saturates a 1Gbps connection and keeps CPU usage to a minimum; with an in-depth guide.

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Asynchronous programming in C#

Would you like to find out why asynchronous programming is important, how to use it in C#, and what advantages asynchronous code has? Let's get into it!

Migrating MR.Gestures from Xamarin.Forms to .NET MAUI

When Xamarin.Forms was released in 2014 it only provided TapGestureRecognizer which had to be added to a GestureRecognizers collection. This implementation was always a bit of a code-smell for me. It copied the iOS + Android APIs, but iOS and Android (at the time) only used that architecture because Objective-C and Java didn’t support events. However, In .NET and C# we always used event and ICommand for these scenarios.

Using SQL Server Cursors with Entity Framework Core

Most relational databases are a modern marvel, with many features waiting for you to use. However, for .NET developers, you often need to discover methods to get data into and out of our database instances that work for our use cases. In this post, you’ll explore Microsoft SQL Server’s (MSSQL) Cursor and how to use it with the Entity Framework Core APIs.

Regular Expression Improvements in .NET 7

A friend once quipped to me that “computer science is entirely about sorting and searching”. While that’s a gross overgeneralization, there’s a grain of truth to it. Searching is, in one way, shape, or form, at the heart of many workloads, and it’s so important that multiple domain-specific languages have been created over the years to ease the task of expressing searches. Arguably none is more ubiquitous than regular expressions.

Introducing WebHttpBinding support

One new feature in the latest CoreWCF release is support for RESTful web APIs. More specifically you should be able to quickly and easily port WCF projects that make use of things like WebGet, WebInvoke, and WebHttpBinding to CoreWCF.


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